A note from Lodge President Bruce Szilagyi:

Welcome to our website, I hope you find all the information you need, if not feel free to contact us any time. Don't forget about our Dunk Tank that is availible to rent. It's a perfect idea for any event or gathering. Also, any person or organization wanting to make a donation can find all the details by clicking the Donations link. Thank you for stopping by and stay safe in Port Clinton, Ohio.

About Us...

Lodge 79 was chartered on June, 24 1949. The Lodge consists of Police Officers from the Port Clinton Police Department. We are located in Ottawa County, Ohio right on Lake Erie. The purpose of our Lodge is to promote Fraternalism with in our department and community. This is our opportunity to promote good will and help our small community any way we can. We like to specialize in our promotion of youth sports to keep kids involved and keep them healthy. There are many worth while clubs and organizations that we make regular donations to. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Contact Us

Port Clinton FOP Lodge #79
1868 E. Perry Street
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Ph. (419) 734-3121
Fx. (419) 734-6510